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News Posted on July 24, 2024
The Price Of A Ton Of Iron Today In Saudi Arabia For The Month Of 2-2023

We are now reviewing with you the price of a ton of iron today in Saudi Arabia 2023 with the latest update, as rebar prices greatly affect all contracting, construction and building sectors, and it is one of the basic components that this industry cannot do without, and in the recent period, rebar prices were affected in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and rose Due to the many factors that accompanied the global economic crises, the disturbances facing export and import operations, and the high prices of raw materials in general,
Reinforcing steel made of steel is the most important component of concrete construction in various buildings and facilities. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we find many large companies that specialize in the production of reinforcing steel bars with international standards that make them suitable for various construction purposes and able to withstand and resist loads, earthquakes and other natural factors.
Among the leading Saudi companies in the field of reinforcing steel, we find companies such as SABIC, Al-Itifaq, Watani, Al-Jazeera, Al-Yamama, Al-Rajhi, and Al-Tilal.
All of these companies provide different sizes of black reinforcing steel in terms of length or diameter, as well as the availability of different types of tie wire and iron nets that are involved in various building and construction operations. While some Saudi companies provide more than one type of rebar in addition to the traditional black iron, the most prominent of these types is rebar coated with a layer of green epoxy, which is characterized by high tensile strength with greater resistance to corrosion and rust factors.

All types available in Saudi Arabia are characterized by conforming to international engineering standards for construction, while some types are superior in terms of strength and ductility, in addition to their susceptibility to various welding processes.

It is worth noting that all types and sizes of reinforcing steel are sold in tons according to a daily pricing process that is subject to many factors, the most important of which are the price of crude, operating costs, production volume, supply and demand, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest iron manufacturers in the region, but in return it is one of the largest markets in demand for this product .