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With its strong foundation in the steel business, it was only natural for it to forge ahead with other related opportunities. The press division emerged to meet the growing demand for steel forming and other construction machinery.

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The printing press department is also involved in the pressures required from customers on a job basis. With over 25 presses under its belt with capacities ranging from 5 tons to 600 tons and a wide range of dies and tooling and also a well-equipped tool room to support them, the pressing department of a construction company is fully equipped to take on clients’ specific pressing requirements, for example chipping, punching, drawing , swing, shaping, etc.

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The method of forming metals by pressing is one of the most important methods of forming, and it may be hot or cold. The different methods of forming metals by pressing depend on the properties of their plasticity, i.e. on the ability of the metal to change its dimensions and shape under the influence of the external forces affecting it without being shattered or damaged, while retaining the shape it acquired after removing the external forces affecting it.