Hollow Section

Since BENA is committed to maintaining the diversification of its production in line with its main activity as a coil service center, the company launched its first ERW tube factory in 2012, which opened the door to more investments in this field, and since then the investment and development in This field is ongoing.

What do we do in this service

Welded hollow sections with a longitudinal weld are mainly made with Electrical Resistance Welding (ERW) processes. A strip is shaped by rollers into a cylindricalshape and welded longitudinally. The edges are heated by electrical resistance.The rollers push the edges together, resulting in a pressure weld. The outer partof the weld is trimmed immediately after welding. Rectangular hollow sections aremade by deforming circular hollow sections through forming rollers

How Would you start

In order to meet the increasing demand for the blank part of the construction sector, Benaa has allocated one of its production units within its factory to manufacture this product, where the blank part is manufactured ready in accordance with the most stringent quality standards, within the framework of a highly accurate production process to be used in One of the most demanding applications.