Metal Forming

Metal forming has been a key element of BSI since its opening; the process of metal forming includes a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Metal forming processes are characteristic in that the metal being processed is plastically deformed to shape it into a desired geometry.

Tooling, Machining and Press Shop

With its strong foundation in the steel business, it was only natural for BSI to move forward to other related opportunities. The Pressings Division emerged to meet the growing demand for steel forming and other construction machinery.

Pressings division is also engaged in customer required pressings on job work basis. With over 25 presses under its belt having capacities ranging from 5 tons to 600 tons and a wide array of dies & tools and also a well-equipped tool-room to back it up, Pressings Division of BSI is fully equipped to take on customer specified pressings requirements, e.g. blanking, punching, drawing, swaging, forming, etc.